Concrete Polishing Services For Your Home In Denver & Throughout Colorado

Residential Polished Concrete Floors

There are few flooring solutions available today that will give your home that modern look and feel like polished concrete floors. For any kitchen, basement, garage or more – newly polished concrete floors make a beautiful home flooring option. While its durability is virtually unmatched, it also has a look that will captivate! Each concrete slab that our professional contractors polish is unique with its own history and imperfections that really gives the final product character and appeal! Choose your level of gloss and add a little color to make the floor really stand out!

Did you know that polished concrete floors are also considered “Green”?!  These low maintenance, cost-saving floors can reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce lighting requirements, all while providing a safe, non-slip walking surface!

We provide the highest quality in concrete polishing for your home’s floors

As your concrete polishing contractor, we make sure every one of our polished concrete floors meets or exceeds all forms of industry testing recognized by the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) including:

Gloss Level, also known as Specular Reflection (As discussed in ASTM D523)

The distinction of Image (DOI) and Haze (As discussed in ASTM D40390)

Abrasion Resistance (As discussed in ASTM C944)

Slip Coefficient of Friction or SCOF (As discussed in ASTM C1028 & ANSI B101.1/B101.3)

Roughness Average or Ra (As discussed in ST-115 Surface Refinement Standard)

Contact us today to see if a polished concrete floor is the right solution for you!

Our Concrete Floor Polishing Process & Options

Polishing a concrete floor is like upgrading your old color TV to a new 1080p flat screen! Much like the resolution on a TV, you can start with a lower level of gloss & clarity and work your way up to a higher resolution with a more refined image and better clarity.

You can choose from our most basic polish of 400 grit (much like a Home Depot floor) or go all the way up to 3,000 grit where your floor will look similar to reflecting glass. Talk to a Zenith Professional flooring contractor to determine what level is necessary to get the effect you desire, and learn more about our concrete floor polishing here!